Tromssa KV, Norja 20.8.2022

Leila Kärkäs

Pennut, urokset
Shahrans Fettuccine Alfredo PEK 1
good proportions, nice shape of head, the head is a bit heavy and eyes could be darker, good wrinkles and well set large ears, exc neck, topline and tail, good side movements and balanced in front, balanced moderate angulation, good bone and feet, good body for his age, good coat, too much white on body and lacking stripes on the other side of the body, nice tremperament

PU1 Shahrans Fruit Infusion VAL ERI 1 SA CACIB VSP
would like to see little bit more length of legs, nice shape of head, a bit cheeky, lovely eyes, good wrinkles, well set large ears, good neck, slightly arching topline when standing, better when moving, balanced angulation, good body and forechest, strong bone, a bit weak pastturns, exc side gait, a bit loose in elbow, good coat and colour, well curled slightly low tailset, nice temperament,

PN1 Sternhimmels Unitis Viribus NUO ERI 1 SA SERT CACIB ROP
(Sternhimmels Poco Piu Mosso x Faraoland La Vie En Rose)
elegant female with good proportions, good shape of head, good wrinkles, well set slightly large ears, eyes should be darker, good neck which could be placed better to the back, makes very straight corner, front should be better angulated, slightly weak pastturns, enough rear angulation and some buttocks aswell, good tailset and curl, exc coat, nice temperament,