Virolahti KV 16.6.2024

Vincent O’brien, Irlanti

Farlanders Special Sign Of Seiko VAL ERI 1 SA SERT CACIB VSP FI MVA
(Bahaticca’s Jungle Edition x Farlanders Can I Be The One)
3,5 years old. Very balanced head. Ears are nicely placed, forward. Flat scull. Good dark eyes. Nice black nose. Scissorbite. Nice chest. Could be a bit parallel when standing. Nice textured coat. Holds topline well. Moves with good drive. Good reach of neck.
PU2 Nature’s Masterpiece Rock Me Amadeus JUN ERI 1 SA JUN-SERT VASERT CACIB-J ROP-ja BIS2-juniori
(Nature’s Masterpiece Make It Big x Nature’s Masterpiece Jolly Roger)
17 months. Compact in height. very balanced head. Nice dark eye. ears are nicely pointed good width between the ears. clean stop, nice black nose scissor bite exc neck good shoulder. good chest straight front. Nice feet with good bone. Holds topline very strong, firm moves with great drive.

PN1 Hi-Lite Queen Of Everything VAL ERI 1 SA CACIB ROP
(Hi-Lite Fame And Fortune x Hi-Lite Because I’m Worth It)
2,5 years. Very balanced head. Nice length and width flat scull ears well forward exc expression. Good dark eye with dark eyelids exc chest good bone. Excellent croup. Nice shoulders strong neck. Topline level. Moves very well with good drive front and rear. Very compact in type.
PN2 Farlanders Royal Rose Pearl VAL ERI 2 SA VACA
(Farlanders Magic Touch Of Victory x Farlanders Her Royal Highness)
3,5 years. Nicely constructed female. Scissorbite. Very strong neck good chest. Parallel when standing, nice feet. Good tuckup. Ex textured coat strong firm topline good spring of ribs. Moves very well with good drive front and rear.
PN3 Ajibu Venus In Furs NUO ERI 1 SA
(Eldorado N Akuaba Night And Day x Ajibu Sweet Thing)
22 month old. Very nice in profile. Needs more training exc head with good dark eye good scissor bite good pigm strong neck good chest. Compact built nice tuckup. Excellent movement front and rear.

Nuorten luokka
Farlanders Because Its Me NUO ERI 2 
(Farlanders Against All Storms x Farlanders Her Royal Highness)
A bit difficult to exam. Needs more training. Moves very well and settled. Nice head with good dark eye.