Tuusniemi RN 6.7.2024

Anca Giura, Romania
PU1 Focus-Pocus Mysterious Talisman VAL ERI 1 SA VSP
(Winner Time Just For Mysterious Talisman x  Olliolli Mysterious Talisman)
3 years old male. Impressive general apperance. So typical to the breed standard with correct balance between head and body. Alos between height and the lenght of the dog. Beautiful head. Arched neck. Compact body with good topline, elegant underline. Good tail and line of the buttock. Correct coat and temperamant.
PU2 Second Soul’s Classic Gentleman AVO ERI 1 SA SERT
(Bushwacker Maximum Power x Nature’s Masterpiece Kiss From A Rose)
2 years old. With a typicla general appearnce. Correct head and expression. Dark eyes, typical wrinkles. Good topline. Compact body on well angulated legs. Correct tail and movement.
PU3 Ajibu Que Rico VAL ERI 2 SA
(Jasiri-Sukari HR Pup N’Stuff x Ajibu Number One)
Maybe at the superior limit but masculine and keeping typical elegance of the breed. Correct head. Correct bite. Well set ear and neck. Compact body with a good forechest, shoulders. Correct hocks and proprotions between height and length of the dog. Correct movement and temperament.
PN1 Hi-Lite Rumour Has It VET ERI 1 SA VET-SERT ROP-ja BIS4-veteraani ROP RYP2 FI VMVA
(Kenjaali Heeere’s Johnny x Bulldobas Crown Jewel)
8,5 years. Outstanding female. Corect head with typical expression. Arched neck. Compact body. With an outstanding forechest, which is rarely seen these days. Correct topline. Corret tail. Well angulated legs. Great typical movement.
PN2 Enigma Highlight Of The Ball VAL ERI 1 SA
(Faraoland Ibra The Starplayer x Takuini Dark Flame Enigma)
4 years old. Impressive by elegance, by typicity, by well balance between head and body, height and lenght. Correct colour, impressive movement.
PN3 Nature’s Masterpiece Enchanted Libra VET ERI 2 SA
(Jasiri-Sukari Win Diesel x C-Quest Jokuba Anything But Silent)
Beautiful, elegant with ideal proportions required by the breed standard. Correct head. Arched neck. Well defined and compact body. Well angulated legst. Correct tail line, of the buttock. Good forechest. Typical movement.