Turku KV 29.6.2024

 Pietro Bottagisio, Italia
PU1 Go For Gold Anubys Dream VAL ERI 1 SA SERT CACIB ROP RYP4
(Great Pretender Out of Africa x Mystique Vision At Wild Africa)
5 yrs old, lovely, typical head, lovely expression, slightly wrinkled on the skull, medium ears, well set and carried, scissor bite, excellent body proportions, balanced angulations, fine bone, excellent reach of neck, excellent tail and tailset , lovely type. He is a super mover. Close behind.
PU2 Sternhimmels Uberrima Fides VAL ERI 2 SA VACA
(Sternhimmels Poco Piu Mosso x Faraoland La Vie En Rose)
3,5 yrs old, typical dog, excellent head proportions, correct wrinkles on the skull, correct ears, excellent bite, good reach of neck, excellent body proportions, excellent forechest, chest, balanced and excellent angulations, stands well, lovely presentation, slightly close behind.
PU3 Nature’s Masterpiece Rock Me Amadeus NUO ERI 1 SA VASERT
(Nature’s Masterpiece Make It Big x Nature’s Masterpiece Jolly Roger)
18 months, typical head, lovely proportions, elegant wrinkles of the skull, strong teeth, scissor bite, beautiful eyes, and expression, excellent type and proportions, good reach of neck which fits perfectly to shoulders, and withers, square body, balanced legs, front chest could just be little pronounced, excellent coat texture, perfect tail set, lovely tail, beautiful ears and earset, slightly close behind, a little bit out of elbows, excellent side gate.