Rovaniemi KV 16.6.2024

Shaun Watson, Kypros

PU1 Pahareti Black Spectre VAL ERI 1 SA CACIB ROP
(Hollywood Star of Swala Pala x Pahareti Enchanted Ella)
masculine, but still elegant male. moves with good width behind, good drive behind and reach in front. exc. topline and tailset when standing and on the move. correct coat colour, exc. shine to the coat. good length of body. exc. bone. masculine head. correct ears, good expression. well handled.
PU2 Orange Pips Friday I’m In Love AVO ERI 1 SA SERT VACA
(Juma Mongo Asiaczek x Orange Pips Chelsea Bun)
exc. for height. good substance. correct colour, could have more shine in coat. moves with good drive behind, and good reach in front. correct topline. good tailset. needs to be more showy and more interested.
PU3 Rosone’s Vino Vermentino VET ERI 1 SA VET-SERT CACIB-V ROP-veteraani
(Orange Pips Codename Kyril x Rosone’s Retro Regina)
11 years, but looks and acts like 4 years old. credits for his owner. happy dog. exc. temperament. good size and substance. good depth of chest. correct coat. correct in head. well used ears.

PN1 Second Soul’s Classic Red Rose VAL ERI 1 SA CACIB VSP
(Bushwacker Maximum Power x Nature’s Masterpiece Kiss From A Rose)
very feminine. nice bone. good colour with nice shine to coat. correct ears. feminine head. moved well.
PN2 Wakanda Legend Congo Cookie Bulldobas AVO ERI 1 SA SERT VACA
(Reveille Push The Limit To MV x All Square Ivanka Heiress Of The Dynasty)
correct size. moves close behind, could have more drive, enough reach in front. honestly female, but needs to be more refined all over. good shine for coat. correct colour. nice head. good topline. tailset is a bit low.