Rauma 18.5.2024

Marian Draganescu, Romania

PU1 Bulldobas Golden Monkey JUN ERI 1 SA ROP-juniori ROP
(Naslediye Etera Atlas Holding The Sky x Bulldobas Holy Charity)
Strong, compact full of substance. Masculine head with correct shape. Strong cheeks. Good neck. Little dewlap. Correct topline. Soft pastern. Knee could be more angulated.

Nuorten luokka
Ajibu Valentine Girl NUO EH 1
(Eldorado N Akuaba Night And Day x Ajibu Sweet Thing)
19 months, feminine. Very short body. Feminine head. Nose could be more pigmented. Enough neck. Roached topline. Correct tail. Forechest could be better. Knee could be more angulated. Close & soft hocks in movement.
Hanishan Caramel Lust’n’ Sugar Dust VAL EH 1
(Hanishan Bowwow Wow x Hanishan Fun Factory)
Good size, strong, compact. Very feminine head with strong arched eyes. Too much wrinkles on face. Long neck. Wither could be stronger. Not parallel front. Soft pastern. Topline could be better. Parallel hock. Needs more substance in body.