Tampere KV 1.5.2022

Mark Cocozza, Iso-Britannia

(Jasiri Sukari HR Pup’n’Stuff x Ajibu Number One)
Excellent proportions. Elegant and masculine. Good head and eye shape, neck, topline, tailset. Nice amount of bone. Good underline and angulations. He moves ok, keeps his outline, but could have more drive.
PU2 Vanguardian Back To Black VAL ERI 2 SA VACA
(Vanguardian Urban Sherpa x Aronia)
Square dog. I’d like a fraction more leg. Excellent ears, topline and tailset with very defined shelf. Very sound mover, holds his outline well.

Hanishan Choco-Holic’s Daydream JUN ERI 1
(Hanishan Bowwow Wow x Hanishan Fun Factory)
Good leg length. Could be a bit more compact. Good head proportions and expression. Nice wrinkle. Ears a bit big. Enough neck. Could have more tuck up, needs to drop into his rear. Has a nice steady drive.
Sternhimmels Uberrima Fides JUN EH 2
(Sternhimmels Poco Piu Mosso x Faraoland La Vie En Rose)
Needs more confidence. Good ears. Would like little more length of leg and more compact. Excellent tail set and rear. A little heavy footed in front and could have more reach amd drive.

Bulldobas Holy Smoke VAL ERI 3
(Barkless Chokoleti x Bulldobas Federica)
Tall dog, would like more elegance. Ears could be higher set, but nicely hooded. Ok topline and excellent tailset. Large feet. Lacks drive in the rear and is a bit heavy footed in front.
Wazazi Tempting Fate VAL EVA
(Akuaba N Eldorado Time Traveler x Wazazi The Wow Factor)
Can not be handled.

PN1 Ajibu Sweet Thing VAL ERI 1 SA CACIB VSP
(Akuaba N Eldorado Bungle In The Jungle x Ajibu Proud Mary)
Excellent outline and balance. Very elegant with substance. Lovely expression. Excellent ears. Good neck, tail shelf. Excellent movement with long spring but a bit close in front.
PN2 Ajibu Proud Mary VAL ERI 2 SA VACA
(Ajibu King Of Hearts x Wazazi The One And Only)
Nice clean outline. Square, moderate and balanced. Would like a little more cushioning in muzzle and earset could be better. Good neck, topline. Nice clean mover.
PN3 Smaraglig Angel Of Mine AVO ERI 1 SA SERT FI MVA
(Solebas Kõlab Kui Serenadd x Izumi Mysterious Talisman)
Nicely constructed, could have more length of leg. Carries a bit too much weight. Good head and expression, neck a little long. Good tailset. A bit flat feet. Very steady mover but a bit wide in front.
PN4 Bulldobas You Got It Babe JUN ERI 1 SA JUN SERT VASERT ROP-juniori
(Bubbling Under Bollinger x Bulldobas Francesca)
Very elegant and clean outline. Good leg length, a bit long in body, muzzle a bit long and could have more cushioning. Good neck, topline, tailset. When settled she has lovely outline and profile movement.

Ajibu Quietly Bonkers VAL ERI 3
(Jasiri Sukari HR Pup’n’Stuff x Ajibu Number One)
Could be a bit more compact. Good head proportions and eye shape. Muzzle could have more cushioning. Good neck. Could have little more leg length. Ok topline. Uses her rear quite well but front could be more fluid.
Hi-Lite Because I Can VAL ERI 4
(Doberguard’s Black Strong Mocca x Hi-Lite Rumour Has It)
Would like a little more length of leg. Good ears and wrinkle, neck, underline, rear. Topline could be more settled. Moves a bit close behind, steady in profile. Should be more level topline and have more reach.
Afrikan Laminam Blazing Khaleesi For Hanishan VAL ERI
(Hanishan Bowwow Wow x B’Hanishan True African Laminam)
Good proportions. Elegant and feminine but would look better with less weight. Good head and expression. Enough neck. Moves well in profile keeping her outline but pins a little in front.

kennel Ajibu KAS 1 KP ROP-kasvattajaryhmä
(Ajibu Proud Mary, Ajibu Sweet Thing, Ajibu Quietly Bonkers, Ajibu Que Rico)
Typical basenjis. Good expression, leg length and movement.