Kontiolahti KV 28.5.2022

Gunnar Nymann, Tanska

PU1 Rosone’s Lorenzo Lamborghini VAL ERI 1 SA CACIB VSP
(Rosone’s Vino Verduzzo x Rosone’s Terra Di Tarantella)
4 years. A little heavy. Correct proportions in head. Scissor bite. Correct wrinkles. Nice eyes. Would like less skin in throat. Excellent ears. Good neck. Correct tail. Good shelf behind. Normal angulation. Would like better feet. Could move with longer steps. Correct in rear. A little loose in front. 

PN1 Nature’s Masterpiece Kiss Of Life AVO ERI 1 SA SERT CACIB ROP RYP2
(Nature’s Masterpiece Happy Go Monkey x Nature’s Masterpiece Enchanted Libra)
3 years. Bigger bitch. Good body shape. Strong head. Scissor bite. Nice eye. Good wrinkles. Ok ears. Good neck and topline. Ok tail. Enough shelf. Little weak in loin. Nice in front. Ok feet. Excellent reach and drive. Could be more stable in front.
PN2 Ajibu Sweet Thing VAL ERI 1 SA VACA
(Akuaba N Eldorado Bungle In The Jungle x Ajibu Proud Mary)
3 years. Good size. Enough length of legs. Scissor bite. Good muzzle and skull. Very nice eye. Correct wrinkles. Good ears. Ok neck. Good topline and tail. Ok shelf. Good underline. Ok angulation. Good feet. Excellent coat. Enough reach and drive. Typical in rear, good in front.
PN3 Ajibu Proud Mary VAL ERI 2 SA
(Ajibu King Of Hearts x Wazazi The One And Only)
Almost 7 years. Good size and nice proportions in body. Correctly shaped head. Underjaw could be little stronger. Very nice eye. Good skull. Ok wrinkles. Nice ears. Good neck and topline. Correct tail. Enough shelf. Ok angulation. Good feet. Good reach and drive. Correct in the rear, stable in front.

Bulldobas You Got It Babe JUN ERI 1
(Bubbling Under Bollinger x Bulldobas Francesca)
16 months. Good size. Scissor bite. Ok muzzle. Could have better pigmentation. Correct wrinkles. Could have darker eyes. Good ears and neck. Good topline. Correct tail. Would like more shelf. Normal angulation. Ok bone and feet. Could have more reach and drive. Little close in rear. Acceptable front.

Hi-Lite Because I Can VAL ERI 3
(Doberguard’s Black Strong Mocca x Hi-Lite Rumour Has It)
A little long in body. Nice head and expression. Scissor bite. Good ears. Nice neck. Good topline. Well set tail. Normal angulation. Enough fill in front. Correct feet. Good coat. Could have more bend of stiffle. Typical in rear. Could have more reach and drive.