Keuruu RN 29.5.2022

Laurent Heinesche, Luxemburg

PU1 Second Soul’s Beat Me If U Can JUN ERI 1 SA JUN SERT ROP-juniori ROP FI JMVA
(Ajibu Que Rico x Nature’s Masterpiece In Your Eyes)
16 months. Fully developed for age with good proportions. Lovely head with very nice shape and proportions. Lovely cheeks. Beautiful eyes. Well pigmented, very nice expression. Well set ears. Good front. Nice topline that I’d like a little bit shorter. Nice long ribcage. Good rear. Excellent tailset with good carriage. Very nice butt. Bit narrow behind, nice in front, easy side movement.
PU2 Focus-Pocus Mysterious Talisman JUN ERI 2 SA SERT
(Winner Time Just For Mysterious Talisman x Olliolli Mysterious Talisman)
9 months. Correctly developed for age with nice body proportions. Very nice head. Beautiful eyes. Nice expression. Well pigmented. Bit straight front. Excellent topline. Nice underline. With a chest correctly developed for age. Good rear. Nice tailset with good nice. Nice built for age. Paralell movement behind, bit loose in front, bit disorganized on side.

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Bastillin Don’t Push U Red Luck AVO EH 1
(Heriaheri A Se Cabo x Bastillin Baroo Moonshinemaker)
Very masculine male. Masculin head with good shape. I’d like bit softer lines. Good ear setting. Eyes could be darker. Good front. Nice topline, could be slightly shorter. Ribcage could little bit more developed. Good rear. Excellent tailset with good carriage. Very nice butt. Super tight movement behind, good in front, side movement could be better balanced.

PN1 Evonty Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me JUN ERI 1 SA JUN SERT SERT VSP-juniori VSP
(Eldorado N Akuaba Don’t Go Breaking My Heart x Evonty Energy Of Sun Light)
Lovely size with good body proportions for female. Good head with good shape. Beautiful eyes. Very nice front. Excellent solid topline. Very well developed ribcage for age, could be little bit longer. Good rear. Excellent high tail carriage with very nice tight carriage. Good butt for age. Nice movement behind, bit elbows out of front, with single track, good side movement. Could be bit more typical.

Second Soul’s Amazing Voyager JUN H
(Kimwitu’s Crispy ’N’ Creamy Cupcake x Nature’s Masterpiece Enchanted Libra)
Very light in substance for age. Very junior head. Feminine with nice shaped and proportions. Good eyes. Very straight front. Topline should be more stable. Very light ribcage. Bit straight in rear. Hight tailset with tight carriage. Good butt. Very tight movement behind, elbows out in front. Nice typical side movement.

ROP, ROP-juniori Second Soul’s Beat Me If U Can
VSP, VSP-juniori Evonty Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me
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