Kalajoki NORD 23.7.2022

Malgorzata Supronowicz, Puola

Pennut, urokset
Hi-Lite Quite Something PEK 1 KP ROP-pentu
(Hi-Lite Fame And Fortune x Hi-Lite Because I’m Worth It)
nice puppy, masculine head, quite small eyes, correct ears, beautiful neck, straight back, exc tailcarriage, chest long enough, moves with energy

Pennut, nartut
Rosone’s Ottilia Olivetti PEK 1 KP VSP-pentu
(Chochoa-Matata Aron-Oman x Rosone’s Estelle Armani)
medium size bitch, with quite small head compared the body could have more underjaw, medium length of neck, quite long body, tail could be carried better, could have better angulated rear, moves quite well from the side

PU1 Sternhimmels Talento Cantus VAL ERI 1 SA NORD SERT ROP
(Sternhimmels Roger Vadim x Sternhimmels Piae Cantiones)
quite big, nice head and expression, eyes dark enough, elegant neck, cold have more withers, straight back, quite good tailcarriage, well angulated but could have more knee, parallel movement
(Doberguard’s Black Strong Mocca x Hi-Lite Rumour Has It)
fast moving dog, enough wrinkles on head, beautiful neck, could have more withers, straight back, tail could lay more on the side could have more knee, a little straight arm, and soft pastern, deep chest, parallel front and rear

Hi-Lite Ticket To Ride VAL ERI 3
(Hanishan Winner Takes It All x Hi-Lite Bulldobas Wow Factor)
good size, quite strong cheeks, long neck but could have more withers, straight back, exc tail ,enough angulated rear ,a little straight arm, fingers could be little shorter, exc condition,

Nuorten luokka
Afrikan Laminam Chit-Chat Twenties Of Hanishan NUO ERI 1
(Chochoa-Matata Aron-Oman x Afrikan Laminam Annie Power)
correct size elegant bitch nice head, a little deer neck, could have more withers, good tailcarriage, enough angulated rear, very often galloping in movement

ROP Sternhimmels Talento Cantus