Hämeenlinna 11.6.2022

George Schogol, Georgia

Avoin luokka
Orange Pips Friday I’m In Love AVO EH 1
(Juma Mongo Asiaczek x Orange Pips Chelsea Bun)
5 years old. Longer than high. Could show more squareness in outline. A bit wide ear set. Soft in topline when moving. Showing moderate balance of angulation. Could be presented better. Over exited in temperament.

Orange Pips Codename Kyril VET EVA
(Jasiri Sukari Win Tin Tin x Ajibu Farm Girl)
12 years old. Close square. With strong body. Good ear set. Showing good outline on the move and quite healthy construction. But indicating problem with tooth which is not visible due to excessive mass of the gum, cannot be judged.

PN1 Dumiland The Missing Link JUN ERI 1 SA JUN SERT SERT ROP-juniori ROP FI JMVA
(Itury Puzzle Innuendo x Queen of Dumiland Afrikata)
Almost 18 months. Close to square. Very feminine. Lovely head carriage. Very good angulation behind. Lovely temperament.
PN2 Fil Qalbi Eager To You JUN ERI 2 SA VASERT
(Itury Puzzle Hello America x Tame Pride Erlin)
11 months feminine. Close to square. Slightly narrow behind on the move. Elegant neck. Moderately strong topline. She is developing.
PN3 Nature’s Masterpiece New Legend Of Zelda NUO ERI 1 SA
(Itury Puzzle Hello America x Tame Pride Erlin)
18 months. Feminine. Almost square. Nice shape of head. Deep enough muzzle. A bit flat stop. Parallel enough from behind, but slightly peddling in when up and down. Moderate front extension.

Ruosteposken Lumitähti JUN EH 3
(Fortuna Numa Deluxe x Juicy News Afrikata)
1 year. Feminine bitch with almost square outline. She is slightly light. With a bit open stifle angulation. Skinny, bad physical condition.

Avoin luokka
Ajibu Ring My Bell AVO ERI 1
(Ajibu Life And Soul x Ajibu Mischief On My Mind)
3 years old. A bit big in size. Feminine in general, smooth outline. Elegant neck. Parallel rear action as well as in front. Slightly free elbow.
Ruosteposken Merituuli AVO ERI 2
(Arcane From Black Manor x Juicy News Afrikata)
3 years old. Close to square. Feminine. Slightly broken behind withers. Moderate strength of topline. Good tail set. Enough angulation behind.

ROP, ROP-juniori Dumiland The Missing Link
Kuva: Jaana Kimonen