Vejen NORD, Tanska 15.6.2024

Graham Hill, Iso-Britannia

Pennut, nartut 5-7 kk
Into Lightning Lunar Eclipse PEK 1 KP ROP-pentu
(Into Lightning Timespace x Into Lightning Sian)
a very well made 6 months old puppy who has pleasing bone and body development, attractive in head with nicely set ears, well made front, she has pleaasing overall length, with nice angled rear, moves well and free

impressive male in appearance, handsome head, breed typical both in shape and proportion, head set on nicely arched neck, thru front, well bodied with good depth and spring, firming topline, stabile in hindquarters, moves particularly great in sidegait tending to pin in front and close rear action but excellent in overall impression
PU2 Black Forest Goblins From Dusk Till Dawn VAL ERI 1 SA SERT NORD VASERT
a shapy male who has a masculine breed typical head, with character, nicely shaped neck, thru in front, looks a bit upright, mature in body with good spring and depth, firm topline, moderately angled hindquarters, free moving but tended to be close rear
PU3 Glowing Sirius Origami Way AVO ERI 1 SA VASERT
a shapy male, very pleasing in head and expression, nicely arched neck, thru front, pleasing body both in depth and ribbing, firming hindquarters, reachy in hindquarters with just enough angle, free and positive on the move

PN1 Mirembe Don’t Grow Up It’s A Trap NUO ERI 1 SA SERT NORD SERT VSP
very attractive shapy bitch, who has pleasing proportions and balanced body, attractive in head, both in shape and proportions eyes and ears, thru front, has pleasing overall length of body and depth, nicely angled hindquarters, moves particularly well both coming and going
PN2 Evonty Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me VAL ERI 1 SA VASERT NORD VASERT
(Eldorado N Akuaba Don’t Go Breaking My Heart x Evonty Energy Of Sun Light)
very attractive shapy bitch both in appearance and look, she has a very refined female head with good strength in neck, thru front with good filling, pleasing body both in spring and ribbing, firm in topline, pleasing underline, and flowing moderately angled hindquarters, moves well particularly in side gait

Bubbling Under Ambrosia VET EH 1
smart 8 year old brindle bitch who is attractive in head and pleasing in expression, thru front but more upright than I like, pleasing in length of body, would like more depth, firm in topline and moderate in hindquarters though a little close, free on the move but not settled in action