Vihti 16.9.2023

Mark Cocozza, Iso-Britannia

Pennut, urokset
Nature’s Masterpiece Rockstar PEK 1 KP ROP-pentu
(Nature’s Masterpiece Make It Big x Nature’s Masterpiece Jolly Roger)
Excellent leg length. Elegant. Lovely masculine refine head with wrinkles. Good eye shape and colour. Good ears. Good neck, topline. Loin could be a little shorter. Excellent tail. Strong rear. Well balanced angulations. Nice long stride but picks up pasterns a little on the move.

Pennut, nartut
Hanishan ’Scuse Being So Posh’n Neat PEK 1 KP VSP-pentu
(Ajibu Que Rico x Afrikan Laminam Blazing Khaleesi For Hanishan)
Femine and elegant. Lovely expression. Good ears. Good proportions. Moderate angulations. Good depth. Topline could a little better. Tail is a little low set. A little unsettled moving but shows potential when settled.

PU1 Ajibu Que Rico VAL ERI 1 SA VSP
(Jasiri-Sukari Hr Pup N’stuff x Ajibu Number One)
Excellent proportions. Masculine and elegant. Good head and ears but could have more fill under the eye and more cushion to muzzle. Excellent neck, topline. Could have a little more angulation in front, good rear. Lovely typical outline standing and moving. Could just have a little more reach in front.
PU2 Hi-Lite Beluga VAL ERI 2 SA
(Doberguard’s Black Strong Mocca x Hi-Lite Rumour Has It)
Good length of leg but could be more compact. Well shaped head with good ears and eye. Nicely cushioned muzzle. Good neck, topline. Excellent tail. Moves very well in profile and is very sound. Would like just little more compact.
PU3 Sunhunting Solitaire Prince NUO ERI 1 SA
(Yulara Quickthorn x Hi-Lite Because I Can)
Excellent proportions. Compact with good leg length. Good ears and expression but muzzle could be a little shorter and more filled. Excellent neck, topline and tail. Good coat and skin. Holds nice outline on the move and uses his rear good but could use his front better.
PU4 Congo Line Fireworks Burst Boom VAL ERI 3 SA SERT FI MVA
(All Square Dat Donat Dedicat x Congo Line Doro Gaya)
Very good proportions. Masculine and elegant. Good expression. Good expression and wrinkle. Ears could be little higher but they are nicely hooded. Could have more cushion on muzzle. Excellent rear used on the move but could be a little tidier in the front movement.

Bulldobas Golden Monkey JUN ERI 1
(Naslediye Etera Atlas Holding The S x Bulldobas Holy Charity)
Proportions are excellent but could be a just little more elegant. Attractive head. Ears could a little more higher set. Excellent topline and neck. Tail is good but would prefer a little higher set. Nice easy long stride in moving.
Ajibu Love Bites VET ERI 1
(Jasiri Sukari Win Tin Tin x Ajibu Farm Girl)
Elegant. Could be a little more compact. Good neck and topline but croup falls away slightly and underline could be better refined. Moderate rear. Good ears. Uses his rear well on the move but picks ups his pasterns a bit and front could be tidier.

PN1 Into Lightning Kiss To Congo Line VAL ERI 1 SA SERT ROP FI MVA
(Kazor’s Make Way For Riley x Crystal Javelin Marsi)
Lovely, elegant proportions and balance. Good eyes. Muzzle could have more cushion. Ears could be little more higher. Lovely neck, topline and underline. Moderate balanced angulations. Excellent profile movement but could be a little more tidier up and down.
PN2 Ajibu Sweet Thing VAL ERI 2 SA
(Akuaba N Eldorado Bungle In The Jungle x Ajibu Proud Mary)
Nicely balanced with lovely head, expressions and ears. Good underline. Falls away slightly in croup. Would look better with little more leg length. Moves soundly but would like a little less rear angulations for her movement to be more fluent.
PN3 Ajibu Venus In Furs JUN ERI 1 SA ROP-juniori
(Eldorado N Akuaba Night And Day x Ajibu Sweet Thing)
Femine and elegant. Lovely head. Lovely expression and ears. Good proportion. Excellent neck, topline. Tail could a little higher set. Very graceful standing and moving. When she settles excellent movement in profile.
(Ajibu Que Rico x Can You Hear Thunder Into Lightning)
Love her proportions and balance. Feminine and elegant with enough substance. Excellent neck and topline. Good eye shape but could be little darker. Muzzle could have more cushion. Ears a little low set. But she is very typical looking in standing and moving. Lovely profile movement but front could be little tidier.

Nuorten luokka
Hi-Lite Queen Of Everything NUO ERI 1
(Hi-Lite Fame And Fortune x Hi-Lite Because I’m Worth It)
Could be more compact but she is feminine and elegant. Lovely expression and ears. Muzzle could have more fill. Good neck, topline and depth. Good rear but front could have more angulation. Moves nicely in profile.

Avoin luokka
Ajibu Ring My Bell AVO ERI 2
(Ajibu Life And Soul x Ajibu Mischief On My Mind)
Good lenght of leg but could be more compact in body. Good expression. Muzzle could have more cushion. Good neck and underline. Moves soundly but could have little more animation.
Nature’s Masterpiece New Look For Success AVO EH 3
(Bahaticca’s Half-Blood Prince x Nature’s Masterpiece Happy Hour)
Lacks elegance because she is too heavy. Attractive head. Lovely expression and ears. Needs more length of legs. Chest is very wide. Excellent tail. Loses the topline on the move. Good length on move but picks up pasters too much.

kennel Ajibu KAS 1 KP ROP-kasvattajaryhmä
(Ajibu Love Bites , Ajibu Que Rico, Ajibu Venus In Furs, Ajibu Sweet Thing)
All nice and typical proportions. Bitch heads are better than the dogs heads. Dogs rears are better than the bitches. Nice quality.

ROP Into Lightning Kiss To Congo Line
VSP Ajibu Que Rico
Kuva: Pia Saharinen