Varkaus NORD 14.5.2023

Arne Foss, Norja

PU1 Hi-Lite Adrenalin Rush VAL ERI 1 SA NORD SERT ROP
(Sternhimmels Roger Vadim x Hi-Lite Rumour Has It)
2,5 years. Stylish. Correct proportions. Masculine. Very nice type. Well up on his legs. Very nice muscular condition. Very nice head shape. Typical ears. Very nice expression. Correct bite. Ok shoulder placement. Typical bone & feet. Nice top- & underline. Well carried tail Moves very well going around. Very nice length of stride.
PU2 Hi-Lite Saturday Night Fever VET ERI 1 SA NORD VASERT ROP-veteraani
(Kimwitu’s Duke E. x Hi-Lite D’vine Bulldobas)
11,5 years. Masculine. Very nice breed type. Well up on his legs. Well constructed. Nice muscular condition. Good skull. Typical ears. Nice expression. Good bone. Strong body. Nice topline. Moves with freedom, toes infront. Ok feet. Very nice temperament and presentation.
PU3 Focus-Pocus Mysterious Talisman NUO ERI 1 SA
(Winner Time Just For Mysterious Talisman x Olliolli Mysterious Talisman)
21 months. Masculine. Nice type and proportions. Correct wrinkles. Typical ears. Nice eye. Correct bite. Nice topline. Ok tailset. Ok tail carriage. Typical bone & feet. Quite balanced in angulation. Nice coat. Moves well, ok behind. Friendly temperament, just needs a little more experience. Well handled. Still needs a little time but the overall picture is very nice.
PU4 Second Soul’s Classic Kitsune NUO ERI 2 SA
(Bushwacker Maximum Power x Nature’s Masterpiece Kiss From A Rose)
18 months. Masculine. Nice type. Very typical in head. Very nice ears. Correct expression. Typical cheeks. Correct eye. Good bone. Ok pasterns. Nice top- and underline. Well carried tail. Very nice coat condition. He has a lot behind the tail. Moves well infront. Just enough strength of stride. Very nice temperament.

Rosone’s Lorenzo Lamborghini VAL ERI 2
(Rosone’s Vino Verduzzo x Rosone’s Terra Di Tarantella)
5 years. Masculine. Nice type. Quite strong in skull. Typical ear shape. nice eye shape and colour. Correct bite. Could be cleaner in neck. Ok topline and tailset. Very nice bone and feet. Would like more drive behind. Very nice temperament. Well handled.

PN1 Guiding Star Origami Way JUN ERI 1 SA NORD SERT ROP-ja BIS2-juniori VSP
(Hi-Lite Fame And Fortune x Crystal Javelin Happy History)
16 months. Very typical female. Feminine. Nice body and proportions. Very typical head shape. Nice eyes and ears. Correct bite. Very nice expression. Good bone and very nice feet. Nice top- and underline. Balanced angulation. Just enough behind the tail. Very nice side gait, ok up and down. She has a lot of attitude. Lovely temperament and presentation.
PN2 Enigma Highlight Of The Ball VAL ERI 2 SA NORD VASERT
(Faraoland Ibra The Starplayer x Takuini Dark Flame Enigma)
3 years. Very feminine. Nice type and proportions. Correct wrinkles. Very feminine in head. Typical ears. Correct bite. Ok muzzle. Good skull. Correct bone. Nice top- and underline. Ok tailset. Moves well going around, ok infront. Nice coat and condition. Well handled.
PN3 Second Soul’s Classic Red Rose NUO ERI 1 SA
(Bushwacker Maximum Power x Nature’s Masterpiece Kiss From A Rose)
18 months. Very feminine. Nice type and size. Good skull. Typical ears. Ok underjaw and strength for muzzle. Good bone and feet. Quite nice topline. Plenty behind the tail. Moves very well going around, ok infront. Nice coat and texture. Lovely temperament.

Nuorten luokka
Evonty Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me NUO ERI 2
(Eldorado N Akuaba Don’t Go Breaking My Heart x Evonty Energy Of Sun Light)
21 months. Very feminine. Stylish. Nice proportions. Well up on her legs. Good skull. Nice eyes and ears. Correct bite. Correct bone, nice feet. Ok tail. Nice topline, a little short in rib cage. Very nice coat and condition. Moves well going around and she’s stable infront. Nice temperament and presentation.

ROP Hi-Lite Adrenalin Rush
VSP Guiding Star Origami Way