Oulu NORD 9.7.2023

Elly Weijenborg-Weggemans, Alankomaat

PU1 Shahrans Fettuccine Alfredo NUO ERI 1 SA SERT NORD SERT ROP
(Kimwitu’s Twist And Shout x Shahrans Superfruity)
18 mounths. Nice size. Strong head with nice wrinkles. Nice strong under jaw. Well set ears. Strong neck. Nice cres. Lovely front. Good body. Tail set could be higher. Well angulated. Nice feet. Good coat. Correct brindling. Very steady mover.
PU2 Focus-Pocus Mysterious Talisman NUO ERI 2 SA NORD VASERT
(Winner Time Just For Mysterious Talisman x Olliolli Mysterious Talisman)
Almost 2 years. Nice type. Up to size. Strong head with nice wrinkles. Well set and carried ears. Strong neck. Lovely body. Well set and curled tail. Well angulated. Strong bone. Good feet. Moving with long strides.
PU3 Pahareti Black Spectre VAL ERI 1 SA
(Hollywood Star of Swala Pala x Pahareti Enchanted Ella)
2,5 years. Nice size. Very strong head with enough wrinkles. Bit full in eyes. Correct placed ears , well carried. Good neck. Correct crest. Strong body. Well angulated front. Moving with long strides bit out of elbows.

PN1 Evonty Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me AVO ERI 1 SA NORD SERT VSP
(Eldorado N Akuaba Don’t Go Breaking My Heart x Evonty Energy Of Sun Light)
2 years. Nice elegant bitch. Nice size. Strong head. Correct wrinkles. Well set and carried ears. Strong under jaw. Deep body. Well set and carried tail. Correct angulations. Nice bone and feet. Moving with long strides and steady.