Oulu KV 8.7.2023

Livija Zizevske, Liettua

PU1 Shahrans Fettuccine Alfredo NUO ERI 1 SA SERT CACIB ROP
(Kimwitu’s Twist And Shout x Shahrans Superfruity)
Good size and form. Nice typical head and expression. Excellent set ears. Strong head. Enough strong topline. Enough well set tail. Enough deep in chest. Strong rear angulation. Nice typical movement. Too much white markers.
PU2 Pahareti Black Spectre VAL ERI 1 SA VACA
(Hollywood Star of Swala Pala x Pahareti Enchanted Ella)
Good size and bone. Wide forehead. Enough long neck. A little bit round eyes. Enough strong topline. Enough deep in chest. Typical movement and temperament.
PU3 Focus-Pocus Mysterious Talisman NUO ERI 2 SA
(Winner Time Just For Mysterious Talisman x Olliolli Mysterious Talisman)
Good size and form. Excellent, very typical head and expression. Excellent set eyes. Strong, elegant neck. Excellent body, excellent tail. Correct front. Strong rear angulations. Very typical movement.

PN1 Hi-Lite Glamorous JUN ERI 1 SA CACIB-J ROP-juniori VSP
(Hi-Lite Fair And Square x Enigma Highlight Of The Ball)
Typical size and form. Excellent head and expression. Good set ears. Strong neck and topline. Excellent set tail. Correct typical movement. Good temperament.