Joensuu 18.8.2023

Colette Muldoon, Irlanti

PU1 Focus-Pocus Mysterious Talisman AVO ERI 1 SA SERT ROP FI MVA
(Winner Time Just For Mysterious Talisman x Olliolli Mysterious Talisman)
Good square compact body. Lovely head and expression. Good dark eyes and rim. Correct teeth and bite. Tight lips. Good shoulders and depth of chest. Good angulations. Good tight feet. Straight front. Good topline and well set tail. Good reach of neck.

PN1 Bulldobas You Got It Babe VAL ERI 1 SA VSP
(Bubbling Under Bollinger x Bulldobas Francesca)
Good tight lips. Correct pigment. Correct teeth and bite. Good head, correct stop. Well set ears. Good reach of neck. Correct depth of chest. Straight front. Good topline and tailset. Good angulations. Tight feet, lovely breed type. Well handled and presented.