Eckerö KV 30.9.2023

Hedi Kumm, Viro

PU1 Enigma I’m King Of The World VAL ERI 1 SA CACIB VSP
(Afrikenji Hunting High And Low x Enigma Posing For Paparazzi)
excellent type and proportions. Excellent neck. Nice typical head and expression, fit to function body. balanced angulation, excellent topline and tail. Could have a bit stronger pasterns. Nice feet. typical mover with very good carriage. very nice temperament.
PU2 Mirembe He Was Born To Stand Out JUN ERI 1 SA JUN SERT SERT CACIB-J ROP-juniori
(Enigma Hey Mr President x Kenjaali More Is More At Mirembe)
Nice young male, correct proportions, elegant neck. typical head and expression, correct ears. very nicely bodied, typical topline and tail carriage. Needs to stabilize in movement. Nice temperament.

(Faraoland Ibra The Starplayer x Takuini Dark Flame Enigma)
feminine, fine bones. elegant neck, typical head with feminine expression, well bodied, but needs a bit more substance. Good topline. Nice tail. Well angulated behind. Elegant mover a bit unstabile in front.
PN2 Stoneface Conqueror Of The World AVO ERI 1 SA VASERT VACA
(Elegant Elephant Cosmos Concert x Teazer Khani’s Princess Ka’Iulani)
Very nice type, feminine correct proportions. Beautiful neck, very nice typical head and expression, fit to function body. Very well angulated. Strong topline excellent tail. Moves really well with nice breed typical attitude.
PN3 Enigma Posing For Paparazzi VET ERI 1 SA VET SERT CACIB-V ROP-veteraani
(Kingwanas Hellblazer Of D’guard x Enigma After Me Please)
Very nice type, good size and substance. Elegant neck. very nice typical head and expression. very good topline and tail carriage. A bit straight in shoulders, very well angulated behind. Elegant mover.
PN4 Enigma Cover Me In Sunshine NUO ERI 1 SA
(Faraoland Mr Ego x Enigma Yes Your Highness)
very feminine. suitable bones, long neck. feminine head and expression, correct bite and ears. needs a bit substance in body, very good topline and tail carriage, elegant mover.