Rantasalmi 4.7.2021

Kalvo Kriisk, Viro

Pennut, urokset
Hi-Lite Adrenalin Rush PEK 1 KP ROP-pentu
(Sternhimmels Roger Vadim x Hi-Lite Rumour Has It)
Very nice puppy. Beautiful head. Sweet expression. Very well set ears. Correct bite. Excellent body proportions. Very well developed body for age. Excellent tail set. Nice shape of ribcage. Excellent coat quality. Moves with style. Nice temperament.

Pennut, nartut
Hi-Lite As Good As Gold PEK 1 KP VSP-pentu
(Sternhimmels Roger Vadim x Hi-Lite Rumour Has It)
Beautiful puppy. Nice feminine head. Typical expression. Good length of neck. Straight topline. Well set of tail. Parallel front legs. Beautiful coat and colour. Free movement, nice presented.

PU1 Bulldobas Holy Smoke NUO ER1 1 SA SERT ROP
(Barkless Chokoleti x Bulldobas Federica)
Excellent type and size. Nice masculine head. Kind expression. Correct bite. Good length of neck. Correct body proportions. Good tail set. Straight front legs. Excellent shape of ribcage. Sound movement. Well presented. Nice temperament.
PU2 Rosone’s Lorenzo Lamborghini AVO ER1 1 SA VASERT
(Rosone’s Vino Verduzzo x Rosone’s Terra Di Tarantella)
Masculine male. Nice head. Kind eyes. Correct bite. Good length of neck. Well set of tail. Strong body. Good angulations front and rear. Beautiful coat and colour. Loose a little bit topline when moving. Nice temperament. Well presented.