Eckerö KV 25.9.2021

Frank Kane, Iso-Britannia

Pennut, nartut
Orange Pips Gina Lash PEK 1 KP ROP-pentu
(Chochoa-Matata Aron-Oman x Orange Pips Darling Walz With Me)
8 months. Beautiful type with short body. Sufficient leg length and good tail. Flat skull with some wrinkles. Accurate movement. She would be better taken a bit faster for showing.

PU1 Enigma Dancing In The Moonlight NUO ERI 1 SA SERT CACIB ROP RYP2
(Faraoland Ibra The Starplayer x Takuini Dark Flame Enigma)
22 months. Lovely type wiht long legs and good body. Good twist. Elegant neck. Good flat skull and good ears. Muzzle could be a little shorter. Carries maximum white on my taste. Wonderfull on the move.
PU2 Ajibu Que Rico VAL ERI 1 SA VACA
(Jasiri-Sukari Hr Pup N’stuff x Ajibu Number One)
3 years. Elegant dog with short body. Good shelf, the twist could be tighter. Masculine head. I would like a little more refindment on bone and a little more reach on the move.

Avoin luokka
Heriaheri Money In My Pocket AVO ERI 1
(Furahan Jacabo Jabari x Ajibu Pennies From Heaven)
2 years. Elegant dog with beautifull coat. Masculine head. The ear are a little large. Good twist to his tail. The set can be higher. He can develop a little in the chest. Front action can be little better.

PN1 Enigma Lovin’ The Limelight NUO ERI 1 SA SERT CACIB VSP
(Faraoland Ibra The Starplayer x Takuini Dark Flame Enigma)
22 months. Wonderfull stride in profile. I would like a little longer legs to balance. Excellent head with good twinkle. High set tail with good shelf. Wonderfull profile action. She can tighten up a little.
PN2 Hi-Lite Because I Can VAL ERI 1 SA VACA
(Doberguard’s Black Strong Mocca x Hi-Lite Rumour Has It)
2 years. Elegant with good leg length and square body with excellent twist and shelf. Very good feet. The muzzle is little long. Good stride. Topline runs up a little on the move. Needs to fill out a little bit.
(Orange Pips Codename Kyril x Emerald)
Good head shape. Good chest. Correct bone and good feet. A twist could be tighter. Good stride. She rans up a little on topline. I prefer a little more twinkle.

Avoin luokka
Orange Pips Darling Walz With Me AVO ERI 2
(Senjisfinx Nataniel x Orange Pips Black Cordelia)
Almost 8 years. Needs a little more leg to balance. Good head shape and neat ears. Tailset is a little low. Her front action can be a little more sounder.

Emerald VET ERI 1 ROP-veteraani
(Senjabi My Sweet Desire x Senjisfinx Lucilia )
8 years with good head proportions and good dentition. Needs a little more leg for perfect balance. Good ribcage. Her twist could be tighter. Sound mover. I would prefer more angulation in the rear.